Deploy and run government applications

GOV.UK Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a quick, easy and cheap way to deploy and host government applications. GOV.UK PaaS manages the platform infrastructure, so you can focus on building your digital services.

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You’ll be able to deploy test applications in a safe environment and test the features of the command line tool.

Benefits of GOV.UK PaaS

Using GOV.UK PaaS means teams can deploy and run applications without having to build and manage their own infrastructure. This avoids unnecessary repetition across government, with infrastructure and webops engineers spending less time solving the same problems.

Service teams can:

  • save time and money on setting up a hosting infrastructure
  • deploy and run applications written in a range of languages and frameworks
  • rapidly scale applications
  • easily manage applications
  • get 24-hour platform-level support
  • get started easily with a simple procurement process

What it is

GOV.UK PaaS is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and runs from AWS’s European data centre in Ireland. GOV.UK PaaS:

  • is resilient since it operates across three independent availability zones
  • supports a PostgreSQL database service (powered by AWS)
  • allows SSH access to containers
  • is accredited for handling personal and confidential information classified as Official
  • is built on an open source platform (Cloud Foundry) and deployed to a public cloud
  • is flexible since applications aren’t locked into one cloud provider

GOV.UK PaaS is already being used by the GOV.UK Trade Tariff live service, as well as several services building prototypes.

Find out more about GOV.UK PaaS. This includes how it’s built, run and supported, as well as how to use it.

What you pay for

You pay for what you use, like hosting, compute resource and backing services such as a database. The Government Digital Service (GDS) will pay for building and maintaining the platform.

The overall cost depends on factors such as the number of environments you deploy to, the size and number of your applications and whether they need to have high availability.

Criteria for deploying an application to GOV.UK PaaS

Your application can run on GOV.UK PaaS if it:

  • follows the twelve-factor application principles – this will be the case if your application was written to be deployed to another PaaS, such as Heroku
  • doesn’t require any backing service apart from a PostgreSQL database
  • doesn’t carry data certified as Secret or above
  • is written in a supported language

Contact the team

GOV.UK PaaS is built and managed by a full-time team of developers, webops engineers, product managers and user researchers at GDS.

The product manager is Jess O’Leary.

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